Cultivated on French soil for TOP quality.

Skill, commitment and passion. That is what TOP Shallots stands for. We are part of the TOP Onions group, a family business with a core of around 150 permanent employees, divided across six companies. TOP Shallots has been growing shallots since 2005, mainly in Northern France. Our range of products covers all specialties. From demi long, round and banana shallots, to red, white, sweet, cocktail and borettana onions. 

Because we cultivate our products ourselves, we know all about them. The specific properties of the French soil give our shallots and onions a fuller taste. We have the best quality all year round. We keep our own stock, so we can guarantee that quality.

Full product overview

TOP Shallots can offer more than just onion specialties. Click the images below for more information about these products